When Erin gets asked why she's running to be Ward 7 Councillor, there are a few answers that make sense. Having lived in Ward 7 for 30 years, she knows her community well and has watched it change and evolve. Like all Calgarians, she loves her community and wants it to continue to be a vibrant and great place to live.

Driven by the fact that her three children chose to leave Calgary, Erin wants our city to be a place where our young people stay because it's liveable, vibrant, and full of opportunity - as the city was for her.

Erin's seen urban transformation before. She grew up in Hamilton, a city that went through a massive shift and loss of its main economic driver, the steel industry. Now Hamilton is attracting artists and the creative class because it has renewed greenspaces, cleaner air, and a feeling of optimism. The fact is many cities in North America have gone through the scale of change that Calgary faces. Erin embraces the opportunity to learn from other places, create solutions that are all our own, and move our city forward.

These reasons offer context, but they don't answer the question: what are the 2 reasons Erin thinks she should be Ward 7 Councillor?

1. Cumulative experience and expertise

Erin's two careers broadened her experience, and most important, they added excellent instincts for working through problems, tackling entrenched systems issues, and bringing people together to a resolution. Erin highlights these skills because they were hard won. Early in her career, her enthusiasm might lead to digging in on an issue rather than give up ground and compromise. Knowing when to take a stand and when to back off and go for the smaller win is only learned through experience and, frankly, from sometimes getting it wrong. Erin's got that maturity and bigger picture perspective to stay focused on the right things.

Calgary's City Council needs to have people who will listen and be considerate, synthesize information, and, finally, have the courage and energy to move projects forward. Erin has these skills and they're tested and proven.

2. No peer pressure

Being City Councillor will be Erin's 3rd career change. Erin will bring to that role extensive experience with different sectors, companies, and organizations. One of the advantages of years of experience is a confidence in who she is, and what's important. For the role of Councillor, that means Erin can withstand peer pressure and won't be distracted by personalities and popularity. Erin's not going to hesitate to make a decision because she's worried about future opportunities.

Erin has always had a strength of character and is driven by doing right and acting for the public good. With experience, those kinds of decisions are easier and clearer. 

Erin is passionate about Calgary's future, she loves her community and her city. She's all-in to make the city the best it can be. For Erin, it's that simple.