Let's re-imagine a vital and vibrant Downtown 

A vibrant Downtown affects all of Calgary. With Downtown now in Ward 7, it means that our other 12 neighbourhoods shoulder the burden of Downtown, and feel the effects first when it's distressed. If we don't address Downtown, we'll increase the risk of crime spreading to adjacent neighbourhoods. 

As Ward 7 Councillor, Erin will champion new uses for empty office buildings and all the spaces in between. Erin's excited to work with arts and cultural organizations, post-secondary institutions, developers, and business sectors to re-imagine who will thrive in our Downtown core and what new and different activities we'll all enjoy there. 

Erin's vision is of a Downtown where 20- to 40-year-olds live and play in an urban core that meets their needs. We can also support single and family lifestyles that are based more on walking and biking than lawn-mowing and car maintenance.

That might not suit everyone, but if a few hundred families choose an urban environment to raise their families, we'll have the multi-use and vibrancy to ensure Downtown stays busy, beautiful, and inviting. Now add in empty-nesters and retirees who want to live among people of all ages and cultures to enjoy an active, urban, maintenance-free lifestyle, and we'll truly have a place for everyone.

Erin believes a revitalized Downtown that's vibrant and buzzing will attract entrepreneurs to start their ventures right here. And when they grow those businesses, they'll want to stay in a liveable, inviting Calgary. 

How do we get from here to there? As Ward 7 Councillor, Erin will stand up for our community because we can't continue to shoulder more than our share. Erin will work with other Council members to ensure everyone understands the priority of a healthy Downtown and the impact on the whole City. Calgary's reputation depends on it, and that's hard to restore once lost. Erin will ensure all of Calgary and all of our Councillors stand with us to tackle the change that's urgently needed in Downtown.

Inner-city neighbourhoods need care and attention

Erin is a 30-year resident of Ward 7 and she loves being a part of Calgary's history by living in one of our oldest neighbourhoods. But it's been too hard to get attention for inner-city issues to ensure our neighbourhoods are livable, charming, safe, and beautiful. 

Re-investment in older communities can't be passed over for City sprawl. Erin will stand up for strategic plans that include commitments to older areas like Ward 7, end sprawl, and ensure capital budgets are as evident in Ward 7 as newer areas.

Increasing density in older neighbourhoods is something people understand, but care and attention to details are crucial, so that individual residents and their residences aren't negatively impacted.

Erin commits to working with Ward 7 neighbours to protect the charm and character - the reasons we all chose to make our homes in Ward 7 - while carefully stewarding growth and new development. Her commitment starts now, and will be steadfast through her term as Councillor. 

Raising the bar on community consultation and Council accountability 

The City has elaborate processes for community consultation to support planning and development. But something isn't working when citizens say they weren't aware of a project and they aren't clear about the planning process. There's a gap to be closed.

We may have appropriate processes but a lack of communication. Or we might be using consultation as an answer to the wrong question. It's not enough to say 'lots' of consultation took place if that process didn't actually hear the feedback or adjust the plan in response.

We need to review both the processes and the measures to ensure the time and money invested in community consultation are serving the critically important purpose of listening to citizens.

Erin's experience in communications and social issues give her insight into consultation processes. Experience with systems change offers a realistic understanding of the scope of the work and the importance of identifying the problem accurately, preserving what is working well, and adjusting carefully. As the saying goes, sometimes we have to go slow to go fast. This is an area that needs attention and improvement - thoughtfully implemented.

With citizen voices truly heard, systems change focus can turn to governance and Council accountability. Much of the time, processes work well. But there's room for improvement and a crucial need for basic accountability to ensure Council decisions are responsible to due process and citizen input. Taking responsibility as a Councillor means getting this right. I am committed to do my part to raise the bar. 

Erin has a fire in her belly. With 30 years living in the community, Erin is ready to bring her experience and passion to City Council.

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