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"I support Erin because she has the integrity and character we need in our elected representatives.  She would be a strong advocate for Ward 7 and an effective leader."   

David Swann
Medical Doctor and Former Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party. 
Past MLA for Calgary Mountain View

The decisions we make this fall will have a lasting impact on the future of Calgary The stakes are high, but I know that Calgarians are up to the challenge. Erin Waite has a proven track record of being a principled and reasonable voice on issues that matter to our city.” - Shane Keating, Founder, RRPAC 

Responsible Representation Political Action Committee (RRPAC YYC) Endorses Erin Waite 

“Erin is curious and passionate. She can really ignite a fire and share that passion with others.  What I most admire is her handling of complex challenges. She'll check assumptions. Her ability to engage stakeholders to get a well rounded view of an issue is outstanding and I respect and admire that approach. That would make a difference for us on city council.”

Alexi Davis
Prospect Human Services Society

“Erin has deep experience in our community and key industries. Erin will be a progressive force for sustainability, integrity & prosperity.”

Jeremy Barretto
Environmental Lawyer

"I support Erin Waite as Councillor in Ward 7. Erin has the experience, perspective and approach that will help Calgary face the challenges ahead."

Joe Ceci
MLA, Calgary - Buffalo 

“My experience working with Erin when I was with Alberta's Ministry of Community and Social Services illustrated three things that Erin is always committed to:

  • she'll challenge assumptions,
  • she's not afraid to call 'BS,' and
  • she'll always find a way to make progress.

Erin will make a difference and Ward 7 - and all of Calgary - will be better for it.”

John Stinson
Vice President, Community Living BC

'Erin is a proven leader with deep roots in communities on both sides of the river. She believes it is necessary to build economic and environmental resilience for our city. With the progressive leadership that she will provide at City Hall, Erin sees a future for Calgary that is dynamic and prosperous.'

Calgary’s Future Endorses Erin Waite